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Himalayan Salt and Light Ph

M3 - Gray Lamp & Gourmet Salt Duo

M3 - Gray Lamp & Gourmet Salt Duo

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Embrace the allure of "Himalayan Elegance" Gift Set, featuring a Rare Gray Himalayan Lamp paired with our Himalayan Gourmet Grinder.

Discover the captivating beauty of the rare gray salt lamp, made from ancient Himalayan salt crystals, casting a gentle glow that radiates tranquility throughout your space.

Elevate your culinary experience with the gourmet grinder, filled with pristine pink salt crystals from the depths of the Himalayas, adding a touch of sophistication to every dish.

Treat yourself or someone special to this unique and exquisite gift set, crafted to bring elegance and serenity to any environment. Illuminate your space and savor the essence of "Himalayan Elegance" - an ultimate celebration of rarity and refinement.


  • 1 x Rare Gray Himalayan Lamp
  • 1 x Himalayan Salt Grinder
  • 1 x Dimmer Switch
  • 2 x Bulb
  • Premium Gift Box
  • Ribbon
  • Flower Accessory
  • Gift Tag   

Perfect Gift for Any Occasion.

  • Birthdays, Anniversary & Holidays
  • Housewarming Gift & Token of Appreciation
  •  Congratulations & Best Wishes.
  • Wedding, Baptism & Debut Souvenirs
  • Corporate Giveaways & Many more!

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