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Himalayan Salt and Light Ph

Gourmet Salt Grinder Large

Gourmet Salt Grinder Large

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 "Indulge in a symphony of flavors with our Himalayan Gourmet Salt Grinder Gift Set, designed to redefine your culinary journey."

Embark on a gourmet adventure with our Himalayan Gourmet Salt Grinder, brimming with pristine pink salt crystals, carefully hand-mined from the heart of the majestic Himalayas.

Elevate your dishes to new heights as you savor the pure and delicate nuances of this exceptional salt.

Uniting authenticity with sophistication, this gift set is perfect for seasoned chefs and passionate foodies alike.

Delight in the essence of the Himalayas and awaken your taste buds with "Himalayan Delights." Your kitchen's secret weapon awaits


  • 1 x Himalayan Gourmet Salt Grinder 
  • Ribbon
  • Dried Flower Accessory
  • Gift Tag   

Perfect Gift for Any Occasion.

  • Birthdays, Anniversary & Holidays
  • Housewarming Gift & Token of Appreciation
  •  Congratulations & Best Wishes.
  • Wedding, Baptism & Debut Souvenirs
  • Corporate Giveaways & Many more!

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