Surprise your loved ones with this enchanting Gift

Whether it's your Wife or Mom, A family Member, Boss or Girl Friend to be. Himalayan Salt and Light Lamps will surely touch their hearts!
This will surely give good feel and good vibes to your love ones on their special day.
Our lamps was handcrafted with love by our Artisans and will surely bring good vibes to your Home, Office or Anywhere you place it.
Aside of it's natural beauty and enchanting glow, It also gives good health benefits as well. Here's the few:
✔ Reduces Stress
✔ Better Sleep
✔ Reduces Allergies
✔ Alleviates sinus issues and asthma attacks.
✔ Supports Immune System
✔ Better Mood and Energy
✔ Improves Breathing
✔ Boosts Serotonin Level
✔ Purifies the Air
Share the Good Vibes today!