5 Surprising reasons why you need Salt lamps at Home

"It's like bringing the beach, waterfalls, or let's say Mother Nature in the comfort of your home."
Here are the 5 Amazing reasons why you need Himalayan Lamps at Home.
1. Salt Lamps Cleanses the Air
Himalayan Salt Lamps are well known as natural air purifier. It can remove dust, pollen, dander, and other contaminants in the air.
This happens because of the process called HYGROSCOPY. The Big chunk of salt attracts water molecules from the air, and absorbs it including the contaminants that it carries, And with the help of the heat generated by the bulb the water vapor absorbed by the salt lamp evaporates back into the air.
The trapped particles are left in the salt lamp. In the process the salt lamps also releases negative ions in the air.
2. Salt Lamps helps Reduce Allergy
Because Himalayan Lamps absorbs the water vapor present in the air which Includes dust particles, dander, pollen and other contaminan
ts, It can help people who suffer Allergy and Asthma.
Placing the lamp in your room or place in your house where you spend most of the time can help cut back allergy symptoms.
3. Better Sleep
Having a Himalayan Salt Lamp at Home also helps you to get better and deeper sleep naturally. The Lamp cleanses and conditions the air quality so you can get a better sleep.
The color of the lamp when lit also gives relaxing feel because of color therapy. Say goodbye to sleepless nights.
* You can also drop essential oils directly to the surface of the salt lamps for more relaxing experience.
4. Improves your Mood
Salt Lamps, actually bring good vibes when placed anywhere. Whether you will use the lamps at Home or in your Office it will definitely help you to stay positive.
Salt lamps are also well known to fight anxiety and depression. Thanks to the Lamps Color Therapy and the Negative Ions, It will definitely move your Happy Hormones to work ;)

5. Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation
We are living in advanced age. Electromagnetic (EM) radiation flows from our electronics devices like television, cell phone, tablet, computers and other gadgets which can cause negative effects to you and your loveones.
Himalayan Salt Lamps emit negative ions into the air and neutralizes electromagnetic radiation. Having a Lamp next to your gadget will help in the long run.
These are the top 5 reasons why do you need to have these beautiful and amazing lamps in your home :) 
Enjoy the Natural Living! Get your Himalayan Salt and Light today! :)